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Green producers: Water

Very few operations feature a life of water balance. In most operations there is too much, too little, too deep, too shallow, too dirty, acidic, alkali—and often many of those in combination. In these instances, great operators make the best with the worst, understand their risks, have contingency plans, and work with high quality environmental managers, engineers, and teams to ensure best use of the sensitive and limited resource that is water. This article looks at permitting, too much water, too little water, and wetlands management to show why great operators are also green operators.

New Frontier acquires Fred Weber

New Frontier Materials recently announced the acquisition of the asphalt and aggregates assets of Fred Weber, Inc. The acquisition included 20 Fred Weber locations and will make New Frontier the largest supplier of aggregates and asphalt to St. Louis and the surrounding area. Experienced management paired with sophisticated patient capital and a sector with excellent long-term fundamentals is a winning combination.

Economic Roundup – PCA Regional Forecasts

PCA recently released forecasts for each of the major regions of the country, along with several sub-regions. Several consistent trends emerged, as well as a few concerns. Here are a few takeaways and things to watch.

Grading the Vulcan – U.S. Concrete Deal

In today’s zero-sum culture, in which it often seems there must be a loser for there to be a winner, win-win seems like a quaint relic from a bygone era. But is it? The first half of 2021 has seen a flurry of large transactions that attracted headlines throughout the industry. From a distance, some of these certainly appear to fit the zero-sum mold. But what about Vulcan’s pending acquisition of U.S. Concrete? Is there a clear winner?

Green producers: Reserve Recovery

If your goal is to be a green producer, effective mine planning is a necessity. A traditional mine plan includes technical and geologic details that enable efficient extraction of the deposit; a green mine plan goes a step further, optimizing the use of the entire property. In total, end use planning, mine planning, and excavation monitoring allows a green operator to maximize recovery, reduce the impact of land consumption, and recycle the property. These should be the goals of every green producer.

What Q1 earnings indicate about future acquisition activity

Over the past several weeks, industry companies released their results for the first quarter of 2021. Not only did most organizations report record results, but the accompanying commentary reflected strong balance sheets, recovering markets, and markedly optimistic views for the balance of 2021 and beyond. Read here for what this means for acquisitions activity in the industry.

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