Lender / Sponsor Advisory

The construction materials industry is unique, exhibiting characteristics of commodities, manufacturing, and logistics. It can be cyclical, though not universally so. And it’s local, behaving differently from market to market and region to region.

Inlet Capital Group advises private equity groups, senior lenders, and junior capital providers, providing expertise on the industry and specific markets, products, and other dynamics therein. We offer a wide range of services to financial investors, including:

Before financial groups finalize investments in the sector, we provide expert review of due diligence materials provided by the company. We highlight inconsistencies, incomplete data, and other areas of concern. We also provide independent market analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic insights, so financial groups can make informed investment decisions.

Our support on active performing investments generally takes one of two forms. One, we provide strategic insights that can help optimize current operations and drive future growth. Two, we provide industry expertise that lenders and sponsors can leverage to ask the right questions, challenge assumptions, and work with management to achieve optimal results.

When investments in the industry under-perform, we work with financial investors to assess the situation and develop viable recovery plans. Assessing markets, reserves, operations, and other factors affecting performance, we provide independent review of management projections, develop scenario analyses, and make strategic recommendations intended to maximize future returns.

Dredge Operating in Sand Quarry

Where We Operate

Inlet Capital Group is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. We most frequently engage with clients throughout Florida and the Southeast, but we have also completed client engagements throughout the United States. If you’d like to know about our coverage criteria, please call us at 561-529-5569 or send us an email. The following map is a sampling of our engagement locations.

Inlet Capital Group Coverage Map

Case Study

How a quarry client adopted Inlet Capital Group’s recommendations and deployed the necessary capital to implement a recovery plan and hire a new management team to achieve revised proforma projections within two years…and has exceeded those projections each year since.