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Can Martin Marietta’s acquisition spree continue?

Yet another transaction involving Martin Marietta has been completed, with the company’s $2.3B acquisition of Lehigh-Hanson’s west division closing this month. The transaction continues an acquisition-forward trend for Martin Marietta, who began 2021 with a positive outlook and a stated intent to use acquisitions to expand into new markets and strengthen its positions in existing markets. This article looks at has Marin Marietta has executed its strategy, to price of this transitional growth, and impact of its bolt-on program as it focuses on reducing leverage.

Green producers: Energy

When most people think of green, they think of energy…renewable resources replacing fossil fuels. The common points of the green energy discussion include renewable energy like wind, water, solar, and (gasp) even nuclear. However, these alternatives aren't always available, and many mines are forced to rely on good old-fashioned diesel fuel. So how can a producer be green while burning diesel? This article looks at how efficiency can dramatically reduce operating costs while also achieving green results.

Heidelberg acquires interest in Command Alkon

HeidelbergCement, parent company to Lehigh-Hanson, announced the acquisition of a 45% stake in Command Alkon, the software manufacturer best known for its logistics and tracking applications used throughout the ready-mix industry. Read more on why this and other apparent non-core acquisitions are proving to be bot savvy and forward-thinking.

Greenfield defense: Catch & kill

The dramatic rise in the development of greenfield quarries nationwide can adversely affect not only aggregates in their target markets but, as producers and consumers respond, also inflict collateral damage on ready-mix, asphalt, and other markets. With stakes this high, one would expect incumbents would be proactive in aggressively mitigating greenfield threats. Yet the industry has historically taken a different approach. This article explores three reasons why, and introduces one potential solution, albeit imperfect, that has been employed in other industries with success—catch and kill.

Green producers: Time

Green producers and great producers have much in common, including their optimization of the invaluable resource that is time. Downtime, maintenance time, service interval time, operating time, tons per man-hour….few resources are as measured and managed as time. This article looks at why creating the proper balance between scheduled maintenance time and scheduled operating time is important to reducing unplanned overtime, minimizing workforce stress, and providing a healthier and more efficient work environment that drives increased profits.

Q2 earnings roundup

Three months ago, companies across the construction materials industry reported blowout earnings for Q1-2021. Strong results and positive sentiment were accompanied by strong balance sheets. In the second quarter, sentiment turned into reality, as multiple producers announced and/or closed transactions in furtherance of their growth objectives. Read why Q2 results show appetite for growth and continued optimism for the remainder of the year despite several budding headwinds that have the potential to blunt the current economic expansion.

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