Sponsor Advisory


The Client was a financial sponsor with no previous experience in the construction materials industry. The Client had invested in a greenfield Quarry in Florida prior to the severe market downturn that accompanied the Great Recession. The Quarry had not achieved its proforma projections through the downturn and further struggled to find its footing even as the economy gained momentum. The Client had lost confidence in management and engaged Inlet Capital Group to develop and implement a recovery plan.

Engagement Approach

Inlet Capital Group engaged as strategic advisor to the Client and assembled a team with deep subject matter expertise in quarry permitting, reserves analysis, and equipment optimization. We assessed the current situation, identified functional deficiencies, and determined the actions necessary to address. We also developed an analysis of the serviceable markets to determine the commercial potential of the Quarry.

With the addressable issues quantified, we estimated the necessary capital investment, valued the Quarry as-is, and valued the Quarry with the recommended improvements in place. We also identified a new management team that could oversee the restart and subsequent operation of the Quarry.


The Client adopted the recommendations, deployed the necessary capital to implement the recovery plan, hired the new management team, and engaged Inlet Capital Group to oversee the transition. The Quarry achieved the revised proforma projections within two years and has exceeded those projections each year since.

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