Strategy Consulting

Inlet Capital Group has developed proven growth strategies for leading aggregates, ready-mix, and asphalt producers. We help our clients anticipate changing market dynamics, respond to provocative competitor moves, and refocus strategies as circumstances evolve. Our services include:

A greenfield quarry, an acquisition in a new region, a new market entrant. Success is driven by how well the markets are understood. Volumes, pricing, competitor profiles, economic drivers, strategic insights. We provide actionable insights that allow our clients to make informed decisions and improve their positions.

Which competitors are best positioned, which are vulnerable? Which are expanding, which are seeking an exit? Intelligence uncovers both opportunities and threats. We discreetly compile competitive intel, so clients can make targeted improvements to their businesses.

Buy out a competitor or build a new plant? Expand into a new market or consolidate an existing one? Broaden the product offering or vertically integrate? We quantity the options, lay out the strategic and competitive implications, and determine how each could be financed. We help companies large and small analyze and finance sustainable growth.

Not every company has a team devoted to strategic planning, investment analysis, and acquisitions. But every company does occasionally need to execute these functions. We provide on-demand assistance to help clients complete capital projects, acquisitions, reserves expansions, royalty leases, and other strategic opportunities.

Why did one producer sell for 6x EBITDA while another sold for 12x? The answers aren’t always obvious. We’ve advised on dozens of industry transactions, and we’ve monitored hundreds more. We’ve learned what factors truly drive value, and why two similar businesses fetch different multiples upon sale. We help clients understand the characteristics that yield the strongest valuations, so they can begin preparing their businesses to achieve the highest value in a future sale.

Where We Operate

Inlet Capital Group is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. We most frequently engage with clients throughout Florida and the Southeast, but we have also completed client engagements throughout the United States. If you’d like to know about our coverage criteria, please call us at 561-529-5569 or send us an email. The following map is a sampling of our engagement locations.

Inlet Capital Group Coverage Map

Case Study

How a client implemented Inlet Capital Group’s recommendations and entered into a wholesale agreement with one new entrant, which allowed for an increase in profitability from existing operations, extended reserve life, and maintained overall market position.