Strategy Consulting

Developing and executing strategies for the aggregates and construction materials industries

  1. Market Analysis

    A greenfield quarry. An acquisition in a new region. A competitor entry into your market. The need to establish and maintain a detailed understanding of your market(s) is paramount. Volumes, pricing, competitor profiles, customer tendencies, supply dynamics, vertical integration, economic drivers, strategic insights. We’ve completed dozens of market studies that have allowed our clients to make informed decisions and strengthen their competitive positions.  

  2. Competitive Benchmarking

    How profitable are your competitors? How many tons per man hour are they producing? How many turns per day on their ready-mix trucks? What are they investing in? How do your results measure up? In good economic times, benchmarking can help you identify opportunities to improve your bottom line. In bad times, these improvements might mean the difference between surviving and not. We discreetly compile competitive intel, so you can make targeted improvements to your business. 

  3. Growth Strategies

    Your markets are strong, your business is performing, and opportunities to grow abound. But what’s the right opportunity? Buy out a competitor? Erect a new plant? Expand into a new market? Vertically integrate? The possibilities are extensive, and each has its own set of pros and cons, risks and rewards. From assessing markets, to analyzing financials, to anticipating customer and competitor reactions, Inlet Capital Group can help you develop a winning strategy that maximizes return. 

  4. Outsourced Corporate Development

    The multi-nationals often have entire teams dedicated to strategic planning, investment analysis, and transactional advancement. If you’re considering a new plant development, bolt-on acquisition, reserves expansion, royalty lease, or any other strategic opportunity, we can provide on-demand assistance at a fraction of the cost.

  5. Exit Planning

    You’re considering a sale at some point in the future. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year. But one day the timing will be right. Don’t let that day arrive without a plan. We can provide information that will help you know when the time is right, and ensure that your business fetches the highest value in a sale. Insights on the economic cycle, potential buyers with a strategic interest, and characteristics that yield strong valuations. We can get you ready.

Where We Operate

Inlet Capital Group is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. We most frequently engage with clients throughout Florida and the Southeast, but we have also completed client engagements throughout the United States. If you'd like to know about our coverage criteria, please call us at 561-529-5569 or send us an email. The following map is a sampling of our engagement locations.

Map of United States and aggregates and construction materials coverage


Inlet Capital Group wants to help you stay informed of the economic impact of COVID-19 and how it is changing the business landscape. If you have any questions about the consequences for your business or how to access relief, contact us or visit the SBA or Fed websites.