Sell-Side Advisory (Sell Your Company)

Developing and executing strategies for the aggregates and construction materials industries

  1. Valuation

    Before we launch a sale process, we help clients understand what range of values they might expect from prospective purchasers. Although the market will ultimately determine the value of the business, providing an upfront valuation helps establish expectations and allows companies to make strategic decisions about whether a sale, recapitalization, or other strategic option might be optimal.

  2. Preliminary Due Diligence

    In a sale process, no one likes surprises. We conduct preliminary diligence on the business to uncover anything that might give buyers pause. In some cases, everything is clean. But in most cases, we find a few loose ends (an expired permit, a contingent liability, etc.) or an opportunity to greatly improve the value of the business by addressing a key item or two before the process commences. We advise on how to proceed, and typically help rectify any uncovered items, which represents yet another unique aspect of our approach.

  3. Development of "The Book"

    Every company has a story…a history, a trajectory, and numerous characteristics that make it a great investment. Our clients know that story better than anyone, but prospective purchasers don’t. We develop an information memorandum (“the book”) that describe a client’s business in detail, tells their story, and highlights the investment themes that matter most to prospective purchasers.

    But what makes our books unique? Simple. As former industry insiders, we know exactly what information the buyer needs, what metrics truly matter, and what has to go into the board proposal. Our books give buyers everything they need to get excited about your business and obtain board approval to buy it. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Identification of Prospective Purchasers

    The universe of buyers for aggregates and construction materials businesses is ever evolving. Regional producers seeking acquisitive growth. Multi-national producers in search of new markets. Private equity groups seeking compelling investment opportunities. We know who those buyers are, how they value businesses, and how they conduct themselves during an acquisition. We can help you identify the full universe of buyers for your business. More importantly, we can tell you which ones fit your needs best, ensuring that only the most logical and serious buyers get a look.

  5. Buyer Due Diligence

    Due diligence is a time intensive process for both buyer and seller. We proactively minimize the intrusion of the due diligence process, by helping clients compile the full set of information buyers will need. At the appropriate time, we allow select buyers to access that information via an electronic data room. Our deep industry expertise allows us to field many buyer questions without involving the client, and also allows us to swat away “nuisance requests” that add little value. In short, we make every effort to manage buyer due diligence on your behalf, so you can maintain focus on running the business.

  6. Transaction Structuring and Agreement Negotiation

    The simplest transaction is often the best transaction, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. Whether selling assets or stock, retaining real property, or monetizing your reserves, transaction structure and value can vary widely. Working with your accounting and legal advisors, we can help you structure and negotiate the right transaction for your situation.

Where We Operate

Inlet Capital Group is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. We most frequently engage with clients throughout Florida and the Southeast, but we have also completed client engagements throughout the United States. If you'd like to know about our coverage criteria, please call us at 561-529-5569 or send us an email. The following map is a sampling of our engagement locations.

Map of United States and aggregates and construction materials coverage


Inlet Capital Group wants to help you stay informed of the economic impact of COVID-19 and how it is changing the business landscape. If you have any questions about the consequences for your business or how to access relief, contact us or visit the SBA or Fed websites.