Buy-Side Advisory (Acquire a Company)

Developing and executing strategies for the aggregates and construction materials industries

  1. Target Market Evaluation

    Expanding into new markets is hard. Studies show that acquisitions in new geographies often fail to perform, largely due to market dynamics not fully understood prior to closing. We can help you identify potentially attractive markets via high-level screening, and study identified markets at a detailed level, providing the information you need to proceed with confidence.

  2. Acquisition Candidate Identification

    Within your target markets, we can identify the incumbent aggregates, asphalt, cement, and ready-mix players, and determine which might be amenable to an acquisition. We can further assess the sequence in which targets might be acquired to minimize execution risk and maximize probability of success.

  3. Acquisition Target Approach

    Approaching acquisition targets in a new market is perilous. Many incumbent producers will resist a new entrant, and many acquisition targets will hesitate to share information with a potential buyer that might instead become a competitor. Further, once a buyer makes an approach, its confidential entry plans can quickly leak out. That’s where we come in. We can approach acquisition targets on a buyer’s behalf, providing a firewall between buyer and seller. The buyer’s potential entry remains confidential, as does the target’s information, until our screening suggests a deal is attainable, at which point we facilitate direct discussions between buyer and seller.

  4. Target Valuation

    We can quickly develop a valuation of an acquisition target, triangulating transaction multiples, publicly traded comps, and discounted cash flows. We can incorporate synergies, both positive and negative, and calculate investment returns using a wide array of metrics. And we can update a valuation in real time, as negotiations with a target progress. 

  5. Transaction Structuring and Agreement Negotiation

    While we always try to keep things simple, we understand that some situations are inherently more complex. Just as we do on the sell-side, we work with your accounting and legal personnel and advisors to structure a transaction in the optimal way.

Where We Operate

Inlet Capital Group is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. We most frequently engage with clients throughout Florida and the Southeast, but we have also completed client engagements throughout the United States. If you'd like to know about our coverage criteria, please call us at 561-529-5569 or send us an email. The following map is a sampling of our engagement locations.

Map of United States and aggregates and construction materials coverage


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